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holy hell!!

2012-02-10 07:07:13 by TABmanster

well ..... WOW!!!! NG is looking super awesome :D

myspace sucks

2010-06-04 08:06:48 by TABmanster

Hey wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo til' i google all over your facebook? ;).

dancing my butt off

2010-05-07 10:44:25 by TABmanster

the past week has been awsome i got paid 1000 bucks to paint this guys house

no one going to stop me

2010-04-30 04:45:45 by TABmanster

i an looking farward to pico day for a long time and no one going to stop me (HAHAHAHAHA)

last action hero = AWSOME

2010-04-03 09:27:58 by TABmanster

Just watched Space jam and last action hero on my new lcd t.v (I love thou two movies) in the list of my faves of all time :

hay eveybody
it is now my 17th to day in aus i have had an awsome day already later i will find out if i get my new ipod touch i have been sooooooo longing for becose my mp3 player has gone to hell becose it could not handle my music and i got some daft punk tickets when they come to aus (AWSOME!!!11!!!).

so i just want to say have a great weekend as will I ... oh and say hi to Tom for me (lol)
i am going on holidays to tokyo for 3 weeks OMG OMG .

peace out- TAB :D

Can not wait for ....?

2010-02-27 03:13:27 by TABmanster

MY BIRTHDAY 6 of march i am turning 17 or as my grandfather said not 17 your tuning 71 so he can younger then me ( kind of lame joke ) i am getting a Wacom intuos4 or some xbox360 games or some socks (also kind of lame ) oh and have a great Easter break

TAB -.......Out (by by) lol :D

Just Been ....?

2010-02-10 03:56:41 by TABmanster

i had got bioshock 2 today from ebgame play it for harf the day then i thouwt omg this game pritty/styiles/pack with goodys... and just as good as the first game and then i said to my self i am play to much of the game and i whount have eney thing to play tommoro cos i was so in to it

peace out from TAB